Saturday, January 16, 2016


Wow I kinda just remembered I have a blog.
It was funny to reread the old things I've written, and even funnier that I wrote them while trying to not study for midterms and here I am doing the same thing again.
But now I can't think of anything to say, and it just seems like sometimes you run out of words, you know? You run out of road.
But that's okay. You don't always need to have something to say. You don't always need a lot of idle chatter, or chatter at all, to fill up the time and space. I think we antagonize silence a lot, and that's bad because when we are silent it means we are reflecting on ourselves, and everyone could do more of that.
Scientifically, when you block out some of your senses, the others get stronger. What if we all stopped talking so much for a little while? What if you went out and walked around and just listened? How much more would you hear, how many worlds would you stumble upon that had so long gone unnoticed? I love walking in the city as a quiet observer because every walk, every face tells a story. And that's enough.
We don't always need words.

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